Rating: 3.3-36 kV upto 900 A

General Information: 

         Megawin Switchgear  offers High Voltage HRC Fuse links suitable for distribution circuits and motor protection circuits.  These are backup fuse links for protection of transformers, cables, capacitors and motors.  The fuse links are available in various current ratings upto 12kV. Fuse links are also available for much higher voltages upto 36kV depending on the application.

Applicable Standards:

Complies with BS-2692, IEC 282 (1) and IS-9385.


  • For Transformer protection
  • For Motor protection
  • For Capacitor protection
  • For Voltage transformer protection 

Product Features

   Megawin fuse links are available in BS & DIN version for application in Air and Oil switches.  Following features ensure quality protection in the distribution circuit.


  • Superior performance from the highest braking current down to low over current
  • Low Arc voltages permits usage in lower voltage levels
  • Striker pin provision for indication as well as trip bar operation in switch fuses
  • Low cutoff and let through energy offers protection against the thermal and dynamic effects of high short circuit current
  • Special tag versions are available to suit customer needs and special applications.
  • Fuse links conform to IEC-282, BS-2692, DIN43625 & IS-9385 specifications