Ratings: 12kV, 24kV, 36kV - 630A, 25kA / 3sec.


General Information: Type CSH

Megawin offers medium voltage air insulated load break switch fitted in sheet steel encloser suitable for either Indoor or Outdoor installation. This switchgear is provided with spring assisted opening and closing operation. Auto-Trip possible through HT Fuse and/or shunt trip coil on load condition.


Applicable standards 

Complies with IEC 62271-200 / IS 9920.



  • Transformer switching
  • Can be used as Ring Main Unit (RMU)
  • Incoming power supply on-load isolation
  • Used in Tariff metering units



  • Ideal to protect small distribution transformers effectively
  • Metal enclosed and safe as no direct access to live parts
  • Can be used in ring main systems in multi-panel configuration
  • The main switch & earth switch are mechanically interlocked
  • Access to the HT HRC Fuse chamber is possible only after switching off main switch and applying earthing switch
  • Standard cable termination in air with XLPE Heat-shrink end termination kits only
  • Easily repairable on site


Product Features

  • Unique self developed natural air blast arc quenching technology
  • Easy to maintain, light weight, screw driver engineering
  • See to analyze trouble shooting
  • Fully inter-locked mechanism and covers
  • Integral Earth Switch duly inter-locked with main switch
  • Auto trip mechanism for local and remote electrical tripping of main switch on load current carrying condition


Rating Unit      
 Rating Voltage kV 12 24 36
 Power Frequency withstand voltage kVrms 28 50 70
 Impulse withstand voltage kVps 75 125 170
 Rated current A 630 630 630
 Short time current kA 25 25 25
 Making current kAp 62.5 62.5 62.5
Breaking capacity     
 Ring Circuit Current  A 630 630 630
 No Load Transformer  A 16 16 16
 No Load Line / Cable Current  A 10 10 10
 Capacitor Swtiching Current  A  25  25 25 
Dimensions per panel     
 Panel Width mm 600 1000 1500
 Panel Depth mm 1100 1500 1600
 Panel Height (Indoor) mm 1600 2200 2500
 Panel Height (Outdoor)  mm  1825  2425  2725