Rating: 3.6 / 7.2kV, 400A

General Information

Megawin make vacuum contactor with solenoid mechanism is suitable for frequent switching application for HT motors.


Applicable standards

Complies with IEC -60470



Product Features 

  • Suitable for frequent switching application in HT motor circuits 
  • As it is tested for AC4 duty it can be used for inching operation 
  • Since it is backed up by HT HRC fuse the cost of power cable is reduced significantly 
  • Suitable for 2.5 million operations 
  • Mechanically latched version available 
  • Mechanically interlocked forward/reverse version available
  • Fixed or drawout option available


  • Transformer switching up to 1MVA
  • Capacitor switching
  • Motor switching
  • Forward reverse control of motors
  • Twin drive application



  • Low chopping current
  • Suitable for use on mobile units
  • Accurate coordination with numerical relays
  • Remote indications for status