Ratings:  12kV, 24kV, 36kV - 630A, 25kA / 3sec

General Information :


These Hybrid VCB's housed in metal boxes with terminals taken out through roof top bushing make them ideal for rural over head distribution networks. Their self powered feature make them most suitable for unmaned road side sub-stations.

 Applicable standards

Complies with IEC 62271 - 100

  • Capacitor switching
  • Intermediate road side pole mounted sub-station
  • Auto recloser
  • Sectionalizers


Product Features
  • Very compact, light switchgear with very small footprint (less than 1sqm)
  • Complete replacement solution to PCVCB's
  • Added advantage of having inbuilt current and voltage sensing devices
  • Simple multi-pin plug-socket umbilical cable connection between switchgear and control module
  • Self powered - derives its control supply from HT power lines
  • 1,00,000 mechanical operations guaranteed
  • Fewer components resulting enhanced life of this switchgear