Rating: upto 36kV, upto 800A, upto 25kA

Applicable Standard
Complies with IEC 62271-100

Product Features

  • Fixed type switchgear          
  • Can be used as part of a switchboard/ RMU system
  • Remote operation and communication possible with SCADA system
  • Spring and Magnetic Actuator versions available
  • Eco friendly as with arc interruption takes place in vacuum and not SF6
  • In line with Kyoto protocol
  • 12/25 kV earth switch installed in cable compartment is interlocked with double break isolator
  • Earth switch is suitable for fault making capacity 




 Parameter  Type  Type
Rated Voltage 12kV 38kV
Rated normal current  800 A 800 A
Rated short circuit current 25 kA 25 kA
Rated peak making current 62.5 kA peak 62.5 kA peak
Rated cable charging current 25 A  25 A
Rated line charging breaking current 10 A  10 A
Rated impulse withstand voltage 75 kV peak  170 kV peak
Rated one minute power frequency high voltage withstand ability 35 kV rms 70 kV rms
Overall dimension in mm 450*1000*2100 650*1200*2100